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Investment & Asset Management Process

1) Acquisitions

  • Sourcing both on and off market transactions for clients
  • Appraising and valuing forests with onsite and desktop due diligence
  • Investment Committee consideration of proposed deals
  • Purchase or rejection of the asset

2) Forest Management

  • Strong management of third party forestry service providers
  • Disciplined control of costs
  • Budgeting, proactive and flexible management of assets and reporting
  • Maximising biological growth

3) Utilisation of Our Extensive Network

  • Breadth of relationships with on-site forestry specialists and timber buyers
  • Achieving the best prices for timber on realisation / harvest
  • Alignment of interest with clients – fees driven by client’s returns

4) Exploration of Higher
and Better Use (“HBU”) Opportunities

  • Systematic reviews to capitalise on any opportunities
  • Track record of identifying and delivering wind farm projects, small scale hydro opportunities, property developments

5) Risk Management

  • Identify and manage physical risks
  • Insure against fire and storm damage
  • Management and mitigation of uninsured risks such as pests and disease
  • Building diversified portfolio of forests across age classes and regions

6) Disposal

  • Liaising with clients on their disposal needs
  • Valuation of the assets
  • Sourcing of a buyer on or off market
  • Negotiate price and terms