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About us

In November 2015 Gresham House plc acquired Aitchesse Limited (renamed Gresham House Forestry) as part of the establishment of the group’s real assets division, with the aim of providing investors with superior access to UK commercial forestry through new innovative funds and managed accounts; the first of which is the Gresham House Forestry Fund LP.

Gresham House Forestry was established in 2001 by Digby Guy with the aim of taking forestry from a tax-driven business to one based on efficient, sustainable timber production. Over the past 15 years the team have become one of the leading forestry asset managers, with over £200m of assets under management on behalf of Institutions, Endowments, Family Offices and private investors.

With 180 years of combined forestry experience, the team generate a high level of advice and bespoke management for clients.

In March 2016 Richard Davidson, formerly Chief Investment Officer of Morgan Stanley and a partner at Lansdowne, was appointed lead fund manager and Chairman of the Investment Committee.

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